Boracay Island in the Philippines

Max and I just spent the past 2 weeks on Boracay Island in the Philippines and what a beautiful destination it is.

The people are so friendly, the food beautiful, the seafood fresh and it is so relaxing.

We didn’t do much besides sit by the pool, eat, drink, sleep, sit by the beach, eat, drink and shop.

We stayed at the Regency beach resort which was handy to everything. It had 5 restaurants as part of the resort it was right across from the beach and you could walk a few KM each way and there were many other restaurants and bars along the way.

Of course we flew Qantas and were upgraded to buisness which was nice. Thanks to one of our groomsmen Brolin who is a 1st officer with Qantas. From Sydney we flew to Manila for the night (I wasn’t really a fan, it’s very dirt you) then you hop onto a small plane for 40 minutes and head to Boracay. Once there you are taken by boat and the a bike type thing to your island. It’s sad to see the rich are really rich and the poor very poor over there. Young children as old as 2-3 out at night with jars begging for money.

We met beautiful friends and will head back one day. But now onto our next holiday destination… Where will it be?


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