Our wedding day- The brides side

Friday 18th September 2015 what a day to remember. 

The girls rose at 0600 to start hair and makeup. This included The Bride, Mother of the Bride (Bernadette), Bridesmaids- Jennifer Knight, Danielle Gordony, Shallis Hurst and Lelsley. We also had 2 little flower girls with us the whole day- Savannah and Bo (and may I add they were so well behaved).

Stacey McPherson did our make up and tan and Kathryn and Liana from the Hair and Beauty Gallery at Maroubra did our hair.

Straight after the hairdresser it was time to head back to Mosman Bay to a house we were staying in and continue celebrating with champagne and eat a little food.

At 1:30pm I got dressed with the help of my bridesmaids, putting on my Grace Loves Lace Hollie Dress and Gabriela veil.

We were picked up at 2:30pm to head to Taronga Zoo for our 3pm wedding! I must admit that once my dress was on and my Mum and Dad saw me for the first time and cried the reality sunk in that it was really happening. I was about to get married. Soon enough the stretch Crysler arrived and on our way we were.

During the morning it was an emotional time. My wedding bouquet had photos of my Nan, Pop, great Aunt and Max Whitehead in photos, I had also written personalised letters to each of my bridesmaids, my Mum and and my Dad (captured by photographers and videographers). And I kept thinking of those that couldn’t witness this special day in my life.

3pm arrives and the butterfly’s were starting to kick in. 3:10pm and the music started- Christina Perri A thousand years. This meant all the page boys, flower girls and bridesmaids were walking down. Dad was gripping my hand and breathing loudly. We were both so nervous!

Next started playing Kodalime- The one… Dad and I started walking, him crying, me crying and I could see in the distance Max with a big grin on his face and a small tear. Of all the walks I have taken with my Dad and followed him around growing up and him being my idol, this was by far the best walk we had taken together. I love my parents. They are so supportive, loving, caring and I idolise how they raised me to be the woman I am today- strong, independent, carefree and happy.

At 3:35pm we were declared husband and wife!!

We quickly went for photos in the zoo and luckily enough had photos with the giraffes. We could choose 3 but by this time I wanted to get back and enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio and some food. 

5:30pm we made a grand entrance. It started out as the Eagle Rock and then I stood still while Max kept dancing and then Glory Glory to South Sydney kicked in to which I joined him.

It was also beautiful to have his whole family there joining us in our celebrations. 

Speeches started and his sister Cr Dawn Crichlow gave the best speech ever, followed by my Dad, Robbie Delmege, Melissa Green and Jen Knight, Me and then Max. Grant Goldman was our wonderful MC for the night.

We had many highlights of the day which I will add to another blog post.

I would love to say how welcomed I was by Maxs family. The 5 bridesmaids beside me were amazing, the 5 groomsmen beside Max were great and the whole day was just so perfect.



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