Our first Christmas as Husband and Wife

2015… What a great year- a few parties, hens parties, friends having babies, trips overseas and to Sydney, lots of family and friends time! friends kids first birthdays, weddings, engagements and of course our wedding in September.

This Christmas was our first as Husband and Wife #teamdelmege.

We spent the day with Max’s Brother, Sister and Sister in law and his nieces and nephews and cousins. It was a great day surrounded by family. I woke up in the morning a little sad- My family weren’t there and our ritual was not the same. No opening presents together, no singing carols, no watching my Dad change into every outfit he gets even if it doesn’t match- so I cried! I received a text from my Mum “The only thing missing at the Xmas table is you and Max. THANKYOU for all my presses. Love you more than baked potato sanwhiches with gravy. Be happy always, love Mum xxx” of course this made me cry more.

I responded with “Next year no matter what we are home in Sydney at the Xmas table and I love you more than No Names”. Christmas Day was hard. I still smiled, I still laughed, I had yummy food, I drank Pinot Grigio but inside it was killing me. My Great Aunt who is 92 (nearly 93) I know won’t be around forever and I know that life can change in an instant. I wanted my family around me. It’s been a rough 3 months and they are all I wanted. Max could tell I was hurting. This great man of mine feels my pain when I feel it, he feels my happiness and he knows the only thing I want right now is to go home to be around my friends an family.

We moved to QLD to be closer to his family! This has not worked out!

He has friends and a son and family in Sydney so I am lucky we WILL move home… When?? We are deciding now.

2015 was our first Christmas as husband and wife and like the man he is I got spoilt. As did Max. He got a Raymond Weil watch which was taken off him, so I bought him a new one and he was given cuff links from his brother that had his name in gold etched across them, which were Maxs to begin with and finally returned to the rightful owner!

So as I sit here in QLD 2 days after Christmas still a little depressed I pray and hope that we get home. I pray that we get to Sydney before next Christmas, I pray 2016 brings us a beautiful life, I pray 2016 keeps us all healthy and happy and I pray 2016 will provide Max and I with a beautiful, healthy child of our own.

Stay happy, stay healthy and enjoy your 2016. You just never know what is around the corner. Try make amends with those you have lost through arguments, be closer to family, appreciate what others do for you no have done for you, love your friends, enjoy being surrounded by children, and improve on 2015. Life is short. Live it to the Max.

We look forward to continuing our blog in 2016 and you following our journey…
The Christmas table decorated

With my sister in law Cr Dawn Crichlow OAM

Max with his sister in law Pamela, niece Semantha and sister Cr Dawn

Our first Christmas as husband and wife- 2015


Team Delmege

Cr Dawn, Me & Max

My beautiful parents celebrating Christmas in Sydney 😦

My sister and Great Aunty ❤️

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