Just to clarify

I met the most amazing man on 7th April 2010. 

Just to clarify some wrong things written by media… And online keyboard warriors!

* I was reading the eulogy of MY dear friend Max Whitehead and it was at this funeral we met. I cared for Max during the last days of his life and took him to Manly games as this was his passion, being the first Manly captain and I also took him to meet my family because he had none. I was with Max when he took his last breath at MONA Vale hospital. 

* When I met Max Delmege the global financial crisis was in place. It hit him hard! Real hard! I stood by him through many tough days. I’m amazed and admire that despite the fact he was under so much pressure financially he still managed to get up every day, with a smile and ensure that we were happy as a couple. Just sitting on the lounge together watching movies was enough for us, as long as we were together.

* Are our family accepting? Yes! They always have been. Well most any way. Those that don’t, don’t matter.

* I work full time as a Registered Nurse, despite reading that I am a ‘former’ nurse with a Millionaire. I work Mon-Friday doing shift work, I do on call and I also work a 2nd job with a nursing agency… And to clarify I am by no means married to a millionaire…. He works his backside off to get back to where he was and he is not far off that… But I still work, I still do call and I still have my second job. I also help pay off a mortgage, I pay solely for the car we both drive, I pay for us to go on holidays and I help Max with bills as we believe in sharing everything equally.

I wish him every success and I know he can do it and I know he will get back to where he was. He is a goer, he is a worker, he has an amazing ability to see potential and he has a never give up attitude. He is nothing short of amazing and inspires me.

* Is it fair that we are doing IVF? I have seen this lots in comments by people. I say to them… Why isn’t it fair? We deserve a child just like any other couple. Just because Max is older does not mean he isn’t in great health, he can still run, takes our dog for walks, attends outings and walks faster then me, plays games with our fur baby while laying on the floor. So tell me why we can’t have a baby?  That child will be loved, adored, have so much support around it and if/when the time comes I will ensure that our child knows what a truly great, honest, responsible, loving, caring, inspirational, hard working man it’s father was. And I will step up to the role of Mum and Dad like many single parents. Celine Dion for example- Married an older man who she adored and is now lucky enough to have 2 of his children. I admire her.

Just a thought…. What if it was your child who fell in love with someone older? Would you disown them? Deny them the fact of having a child? Like reading nasty, hurtful comments on social media about them? Yes we put ourselves out there and I am much stronger this time round… But some people just have no idea… They see a glimpse or read a glimpse of the past 6 years of our life together. You know nothing and you sit behind a keyboard and write these horrible things… I’ve learnt that it just reflects on the person you are, and a child only knows nastiness because of the environment it is surrounded in so if your one of those key board warriors, I hope it’s shining a light in your head that your child may be a reflection of you and I feel for that child growing up in this day and age.

* No we aren’t the first couple to go through IVF unsuccessfully and no we won’t be the last. We spoke with ACA to tell people what IVF is like for those going through it and how tough it can be. I feel for anyone that has/is going through the process and I wish them all the luck in the world. It’s a tough one. Should we be allowed to do IVF due to his age? ABSOLUTELY that is a discussion we have had between ourselves, specialists and family. Yes young couples struggle we get that but we also get the fact we want a family. Look at the likes of Jim Clarke and Kristy Hinze (same age gap) and they have 2 beautiful children. Plus many other couples.

* Max and I have had many highs and lows… Just like all couples. We never fight, more disagree, which is healthy for a relationship. We are each others support, backbone, we have each others back and will 100% support what decision the other has made. He is a great man and I am a lucky woman. Ask him he would tell you the same 😊.

* In regards to our wedding.. Not that it’s your business… I just want to clarify. I paid for half of our “lavish wedding” each fortnight when my pay came in I would pay off another vendor on our list. So NO Max did not pay for it all…

* Yes realistically I am old enough to be Max’s daughter. Fact is I’m his wife. Am I ashamed of the age… Definately not, do I care, no way, does it worry me what people think, absolutely not.. So if it doesn’t bother us.. Why should it bother you? Again it has a reflection on the life you lead and your judgmental character. We love each other and more every day. We respect each other, we admire each other, we love spending every day together and we love and cherish the memories we have so far made. 

So to all the haters… Keep hating if that’s what makes you happy, keep judging.. Your opinions and thoughts mean nothing. Yes I have read them and laugh.. You don’t know us, you don’t know our life, you don’t know anything… Some I wish would go back to school and learn grammar and spelling, others I want to jump through the computer and punch and others I just hope karma smacks you fair square in the face.

To the other majority that support us… THANKYOU. We can’t THANKYOU enough for defending us, loving us, supporting us, following our journey, praying for us and accepting us. Your are all nothing short of amazing and we are lucky we have you people in our life.

I have had PM’s from people in Australia, Wales, UK, England, NZ, Russia and many others.. I’ve had over 2,500 people read my blog and it still grows every day. We will continue to share this amazing love story and we will continue to spread the word on the taboo subject of IVF and loving someone with an age gap that is real love.

THANKYOU for reading our blogs, commenting, Liking posts, ringing, texting, and following our journey on Instagram @maxsam44

We love those that do. Keep smiling. We do, always have and always will. Don’t let people bring you down..

Happy Valentine’s Day all. It’s our 5th together, first as a married couple and we have booked a nice restaurant over looking surfers paradise. I hope you all get spoilt…

The funeral of my dear friend Max Whithead 😢

RIP Max you amazing man  
Attending a wedding 

3 years ago

Our special day 18/9/2015

4 years ago

My birthday weekend this year 2016

Our honeymoon in Boracay Island Phillippines

5 years ago at a restaurant opening

Max’s brother in laws celebration of life. 4 years ago

RIP my deaR Maxy Whitehad. The day I met Max Delmege 7/4/2010
True love is hard to find. When you do.. Catch it and never let it go, for you may never find it again..
Amen to that


3 thoughts on “Just to clarify

  1. We met Max many years ago on an Alaskan Inside Passage Cruise and yes he was then married to his first wife, we had so many fun evenings with them – we were allocated as Dinner Partners on the ship “Infinity”. So now all we can do is wish you both Happiness for your future together and for your quest to be parents. Best Wishes.


  2. Saw your story on current affair. You touched my heart on your journey to have a child that will be so loved. You look a beautiful couple and I hope and wish your dreams come true, I am sure they will. I will be delighted to hear you both become parents. Stay strong 💕💖


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