What’s been happening in our world

So… Lots of people have been asking us what is happening with our journey, how is the “baby” process coming along.. So I thought I would do a blog 😊.

As you all know our first attempt at IVF was unsuccessful. We had a rather bad experience with the clinic and our specialist in that we got no answers. We were told all was good with both of us, it should work etc… And to get nowhere was devestating but to get no answers as to why was even worse. I won’t speak to bad about them but I do not recommend them to people and our case is being looked at..

So we have since decided to change fertility Dr’s, use a different fertility group and have been given answers by them rather then our original treating team, just by our paper work, blood test results, laboratory results and notes that were transferred over. (I won’t use names). We are very happy with our new specialist. He is a AProf in fertility and is funny, caring, compassionate, intelligent, knows what he is talking about and doing and is genuinely a nice guy. He just assists with the fertility treatment then refers you to an obstetrician for the duration of your pregnancy.
We have been through counselling sessions, more work up treatments, long chats and sessions with our fertility Dr and psychologist and we are ready to start again.. Taking our medications, vitamins, eating right, trying not to drink much (lots of protein and water) although this weekend we have been naughty, but we have been told we were allowed.. 

I know it was only our first attempt and the success rates for first attempts are very low, I can’t disclose to much information due to our case being looked at but we were lead on the wrong route, we were lied to, we had no compassion shown and for anyone going through fertility compassion is a huge thing since you are dealing with people’s emotions. I am not asking for sympathy- We have moved on and are so excited. I feel for anyone who is/was/has been through IVF and the emotional, physical & financial toll it takes on you and your body and relationship. We are lucky- We bonded more over our experience and we feel we are unbreakable now. 

When is the right time? I guess there is never a right time.. We have so much going on… Wedding, holidays, work, Max opened a new office on the Gold Coast, I have got my eye on politics.. So we have decided all together (us and the Dr) that Max and I need to rest & rejuvenate and try remain stress free. (Easier said then done). We head off to Port Douglas for 10 days early May then as soon as we get home our second attempt starts.
This time something feels different- We have a new care plan, they show compassion, they have answered questions that were never answered, they have a different approach at doing things, and the most important thing is THEY CARE! We are excited, nervous, scared, happy & anxious all in one. We would so dearly love to hold a child of our own but have realised that if the case is we can’t we have accepted that. We have a new found hope in our Dr who solely specialises in fertility treatments and the group that he works with. The success rate is very high, they are not being monitored by the consumer watch dog for misleading patients and charging to much (like our first group), and he prides himself on his success and is a straight shooter. He told us there is huge hope for us- Words that have never been said before.

So… Early May is the second attempt date. We can’t wait. Bring it.. Hopefully we will have positive news to share not long after. THANKYOU for supporting us, our journey and showing us that there are beautiful people in this world who care. 

So in our world… We have been trying to relax, spend time together, enjoy eachother, do our favourite things, rejuvenate the body, having facials & massages, spend time with friends and family, focusing on positivity- not negativity, working hard and preparing our selves for part 2…

Watch this space…..


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